Who’s really killing Granny?

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Latest figures from Public Health England show that the numbers of double-jabbed people being hospitalised and dying with the “Delta Variant” have increased in the last month, and are now twice as high as the number of unvaccinated suffering the serious effects of this variant.

And this is a trend being reflected around the world, in the US, Fiji, Israel and Iceland.

So why are these dangerous vaccines still being pushed on people? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that proof of vaccination will soon be required for entry to a range of indoor venues, including gyms and restaurants.

Are these authorities deliberately trying to spread the virus so that they can get rid of the very old and the weak, and bring in more lockdowns?

It really is beginning to look that way.


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Corruption, propaganda and apathy are leading us down a dark path

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Governments all over the world are legislating democracy away, supposedly to combat a virus that has been associated with the deaths of – at most – three people out of every thousand worldwide. How has this been allowed to happen? I suspect it’s due to corruption at every level of our institutions of power and authority, globally.

People in so-called liberal democracies are consenting to or even championing the imposition of lockdowns, bodily invasive measures and police brutality as a so-called means of fighting disease. How has this come about? I suspect that it’s due to fearmongering and propaganda on a global scale.

Big, scary numbers – but what do they really signify, apart from eliciting fear and despair?

Our democracy, rights and freedoms have been hard-won, and it’s upsetting to see them being taken for granted by so many, who are happy to watch them being rolled back with a shrug of their shoulders, saying that it’s necessary in order to save lives.

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A global protection racket

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Covid 19 is a real disease that has sadly caused fatalities. But some people are profiting richly from it – in fact, it has become something of a gold mine, with compromised scientists, offshore firms, banking executives and big tech firms jostling to win their slice of the corona pie.

In an effort to protect these juicy financial profits, an edifice of establishment science has been constructed, and any scientist who dares to entertain an opinion that runs contrary to this edifice risks losing their reputation and livelihood. Maybe this is why mainstream science seems – in my opinion – increasingly arrogant.

In my opinion, this is not establishment science’s finest hour.

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