Who’s really killing Granny?

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Latest figures from Public Health England show that the numbers of double-jabbed people being hospitalised and dying with the “Delta Variant” have increased in the last month, and are now twice as high as the number of unvaccinated suffering the serious effects of this variant.

And this is a trend being reflected around the world, in the US, Fiji, Israel and Iceland.

So why are these dangerous vaccines still being pushed on people? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that proof of vaccination will soon be required for entry to a range of indoor venues, including gyms and restaurants.

Are these authorities deliberately trying to spread the virus so that they can get rid of the very old and the weak, and bring in more lockdowns?

It really is beginning to look that way.


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Louis Rossman: I am an NYC business owner and I will NOT follow Mayor DeBlasio’s order


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