A chat with West of Scotland anti-lockdown political hopeful Jonathan Rainey

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Jonathan Rainey is campaigning on an anti-lockdown Libertarian platform in the May Scottish Parliament elections. The 27-year-old, a high-achiever with high-functioning autism, is standing for the Dumbarton constituency and also for the West of Scotland regional list.

Jonathan’s platform offers real change for the Scottish people at a time when the main political parties are almost indistinguishable in their policies. Our conversation covered many different topics, including lockdowns, vaccination, face masks, freedom of speech, war and foreign policy, central banks, Hayek, and even litter-picking.

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2 mins: MMR vaccine and high-functioning autism

2:43 From special needs school to Civil Engineering at College.

5:50 About the Scottish Libertarian Party

7:30 2008 Recession and being “red-pilled”

8:40 Scottish Independence

10:25 Introduced to the alternative media from guitar teacher

11:00 War in Syria

13:10 EU Referendum – from Remain to Leave

17:50 Racism in the 1970s and 80s

19:00 David Icke – Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster.

19:45 2016 US presidential election and Donald Trump

20:30 Ron Paul Liberty Report and the X22 Report, Paul Joseph Watson

21:00 Ukraine

22:10 EU Copyright Directive and freedom of speech

24:20 Protest against the Copyright Directive.

25:15 Free speech, the Left and Count Dankula

25:45 Joining Scottish Libertarians

26:15 Litter picking and community involvement

29:30 Taxation

30:00 Thoughts on anarcho-capitalism and minarchism – smaller government

31:30 Taxation and corruption

33:55 TV licence

35:45 Covid lockdowns, vaccines, face masks and human rights

43:07 Having Covid

49:05 Climate panic

49:55 Fukushima disaster

51:00 Environmental waste and disposable face masks

52:45 Free market

53:25 Ideas on economy, supply and demand

54:55 Central banks, monetarism and the gold standard

59:50 Capitalism, corporatism, crony-capitalism, free market, regulation, scarcity and abundance

1:03:50 Cannabis, hemp and regulation

1:06:00 Vaccines, bodily autonomy, free choice, free debate

1:07:50 World Health Organisation and the Global Vaccination Action Plan

1:10:00 alternative forms of energy

1:12:57 Hate Crime and Public Order of Scotland Act

1:13:00 Devolution and Scottish Independence

1:13:45 MSPs and the Pledge of Allegiance

1:15:35 Constitutional issues in an independent Scotland

1:17:10 Hate Crime Bill and government exploitation

1:19:20 Count Dankula

1:22:47 Police Scotland, Public Contact and Engagement Strategy document and surveillance state

1:27:50 The “hive mind” and NHS “clap for carers”

1:29:30 Illegal wars

1:31:05 Prevented from participating in virtual hustings.

1:37:10 Censorship of speech and debate, collectivist mentality, “hive mind”

1:38:50 The Road to Serfdom, by FA Hayek.

1:40:05 Regulation, central planning and the desire for a strong leader

1:43:10 Trump, critical race theory, social justice warriors

1:51:05 Three main priorities: freedom of speech, medical freedoms and ending the war on drugs.

1:52:20 Abolishing TV licence, ending lockdowns

A bit of sunny freedom, to re-elect and ignore the wolf in sheep’s clothing lurking round the corner

Lockdown ended early – all the better for re-electing the ruling branch of the global mafia. But if we look behind some of the twisted propaganda fluff being spewed out from various government agencies, we could become aware of some nasty surprises awaiting us in the autumn, including new waves of illness, new lockdowns, and the burgeoning global police state extending its tentacles into Scotland. Exaggerated nonsense? I hope so! SHOW NOTES UK MHRA Public Assessment Reports








Article: “We’ve never made a successful coronavirus vaccine before”


Nature article looking at ADE and VADE:

Police Scotland Public Contact and Engagement Strategy 2020


Corruption, propaganda and apathy are leading us down a dark path

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Governments all over the world are legislating democracy away, supposedly to combat a virus that has been associated with the deaths of – at most – three people out of every thousand worldwide. How has this been allowed to happen? I suspect it’s due to corruption at every level of our institutions of power and authority, globally.

People in so-called liberal democracies are consenting to or even championing the imposition of lockdowns, bodily invasive measures and police brutality as a so-called means of fighting disease. How has this come about? I suspect that it’s due to fearmongering and propaganda on a global scale.

Big, scary numbers – but what do they really signify, apart from eliciting fear and despair?

Our democracy, rights and freedoms have been hard-won, and it’s upsetting to see them being taken for granted by so many, who are happy to watch them being rolled back with a shrug of their shoulders, saying that it’s necessary in order to save lives.

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“Moneybags Mandelson to buy £8 million new home”


“Firm that advised ministers on Royal Mail sell-off also made £8 million from shares”


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Klaus Schwab, the EU and the Holy Roman Empire

A few weeks ago, Bristol-based investigative journalist Tony Gosling included an excerpt from one of my podcast episodes, “What Rough Beasts are These?”, on his weekly broadcast, The Politics Show.

Tony asked me to delve further into the background of Klaus Schwab, and I discussed another podcast where research was presented about the Schwab family. I also presented some research into the foundations of the EU, which seems to dovetail with the background to Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Both institutes have quite a surprising interest in power and royal lineages.

Links and sources

The Politics Show on YouTube:

The Politics Show web page:

Link to download The Politics Show as a podcast:


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Interesting “Schwab Family Values” post by Johnny Vedmore:

A global protection racket

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Covid 19 is a real disease that has sadly caused fatalities. But some people are profiting richly from it – in fact, it has become something of a gold mine, with compromised scientists, offshore firms, banking executives and big tech firms jostling to win their slice of the corona pie.

In an effort to protect these juicy financial profits, an edifice of establishment science has been constructed, and any scientist who dares to entertain an opinion that runs contrary to this edifice risks losing their reputation and livelihood. Maybe this is why mainstream science seems – in my opinion – increasingly arrogant.

In my opinion, this is not establishment science’s finest hour.

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“Is Our Fight Against Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease?

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Monklands hospital “was downgraded because of the huge cost of the other two hospitals in Lanarkshire, Hairmyres and Wishaw” which “were built using Private Finance Initiatives (PFI).”


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The Times: Oxford coronavirus vaccine may be financial shot in the arm for Huawei


Biobank webinar YouTube

Lockdown TV interview with David Perks

Bringing back the magic

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The world is full of fear, disease and division… or on the other hand, we are living in a universe full of magic, at a time of excitement and wonder, on a beautiful planet that is undergoing momentous and important changes.

Which statement is true? It all depends on our perspective.

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My grandmother working in the mill as a teenager. She is at the front, fifth from the left, smiling, with a teacup in front of her.


“The Awakening of Russell Brand” – interview by Rich Roll

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What rough beasts are these?

If you’d prefer to read this episode, you can download a transcript here.

In 1919, the poet WB Yeats wrote a poem called The Second Coming, which seems strongly prophetic of some of the despotic regimes which were to emerge out of the fallout from the First World War.

Now it seems, we may be seeing history repeating itself. In an echo of Yeats’ words, things are falling apart, and the “rough beasts” he spoke of are lining up to pick up the spoils.

Unelected bodies like the World Economic Forum, and away from the public eye, the Bilderberg Group, are trying to dictate our global future.

How are they getting away with this?

Because we allow them to. More than that – as Yeats’ poem shows, we actually will it into being.

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By the pricking of my thumbs… the “second wave” approaches

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According to the UK government’s SAGE advisory committee, Britain could suffer 85,000 coronavirus deaths this winter in a – quotes – “reasonable worst case scenario”.
And yet Covid deaths in the UK have fallen to almost zero.

I’ve been concerned about the flu vaccine for months. Why do some people get very seriously ill from Covid-19, or even die from it, while many others barely notice they have it?

There seems to be some evidence that the flu vaccine could be triggering some sort of reaction with coronavirus to make the symptoms much more severe, via a syndrome known as “respiratory virus interference”.

This is of huge concern to me. I would like the UK government to hold back the rollout of the flu vaccine, pending urgent research into the effects of the flu vaccine on Covid-19.

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SAGE advisory committee says Britain could suffer 85,000 coronavirus deaths in a “reasonable worst case scenario” this winter:

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Image by JCK5D

A great power that we are probably overlooking

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Most of us are driven by productivity, feeling the need to fill every moment with activity. We’ve forgotten the value of spirituality, of simply giving our mind space to allow wisdom to come through.

We neglect the enormous power of love, and instead become bogged down in negative emotions like fear, anger and self loathing. These negative emotions are being turned against us, and in times of turbulence, they can pull us down into a maelstrom of despair.

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Neil Hannon, Divine Comedy’s version of Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Ivor Cummings link for edited UK Column show on the SAGE behavioural science group:

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Anita Moorjani interviewed on Conscious TV

Anita Moorjani interviewed by Brian Rose on London Real

Derrick Broze talks to an emotionally upset counter protestor at at the Unmuzzmled rally in Houston

Derrick Broze talks to counter-protestors at the Houston Unmuzzled rally

Vernon Coleman “Just a little prick”

Vernon Coleman “It’s going to get worse”

The world is being given its orders – but who from?

If you’d prefer to read this episode, you can find a full transcript here.

The theme of this podcast is quite dark. As writers and academics are being muzzled and dismissed for transgressions of free speech, the juggernaut of authoritarianism seems to be careering downhill, bringing us to a place that has increasingly chilling parallels with Nazi Germany.

A more optimistic podcast will follow, I promise! It’s important to recognise that there are some dark things going on. And only when we face that darkness can we start to overcome it.

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Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial has only a 50 percent chance of success

Cloth badges in German concentration camps

Wearing a mask should become as socially unacceptable as drink driving or not wearing a seat belt


Book: Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd. Published by Ernest and Thompson Limited. ISBN: 978-1-78396-381-2

Open letter on justice and open debate

David Starkey interviewed by Darren Grimes on Reasoned

Full text of David Starkey’s lengthy apology (YouTube with text of apology underneath)

Alaska State lawmaker apologises after comparing coronavirus safety measures with Jews being forced to wear yellow star badges during Holocaust