Censorship that makes you sit up and take notice!

Why are some conspiracy theories considered to be so dangerous that we’re not even allowed to hear them?

I received another YouTube commenting ban a couple of days ago – this time after trying to post a comment about public libraries.

But a much bigger censorship event occurred earlier this week, when the BBC contacted YouTube to ask why they were screening an interview with the noted conspiracy theorist David Icke. The interview, hosted by a channel called London Real, was immediately deleted.

Was the interview calling for violence, or revolution? No. It didn’t even include hate speech. But it discussed ideas that are considered too dangerous to broadcast.

My podcast discusses this further, and you can read a transcript here.

For reference, the comments that I was unable to post on YouTube and which got me temporarily banned from commenting, were these:

I’m in the UK and I was alerted to this bill a week before it went to Parliament. I wrote a very measured email to my Member of Parliament objecting to the fact that it was for two years, the fact that it was expanding the Investigatory Powers Bill, and the fact that it seemed to be paving the way to make vaccines mandatory, and some other things. My MP did not even bother to reply. That is the state of “democracy” in the UK. In any case, about four days after I emailed my MP, a campaigning group called Big Brother Watch asked people to write to their MPs about this, and the upshot was that the bill would be reviewed after six months. So we’re not all asleep in the UK – we’re just being ignored by many of the politicians who are meant to be our representatives in Parliament.


Thanks for the shoutout Cathy, and for the one on Chapter 12 too! I’m enjoying this so much. I’m a little bit behind because my phone and internet connection were cut off suddenly, due to a mix-up – I’m back online now.

I love libraries and I often visit my local one to borrow books and maps for my walks, or to do colour printouts. Our library also has a knit and natter group, and they natter very loudly! It’s hilarious and a joy to hear. Homeless people come in too. Libraries are so important for the community.

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2 Replies to “Censorship that makes you sit up and take notice!

  1. There must be something to the censoring. Why on earth would BBC care about what Icke has to say? Does it damage their news reporting perhaps? Their news is THE news, don’t listen to this guy. I wonder what they said to YouTube.

    I’ve wondered has this virus been deliberately spread to stop people from protesting potentially harmful 5g. We stay in while they put up their infrastructure.

    Go to YouTube and type in “Thomas Cowan” with the quotes and see the first result. For me it’s video “No, 5G doesn’t cause the coronavirus” by CBC News: The National.

    Here are one of those volatile reddit groups I mentioned going after him. Vaccination supporters. They target this guy and YouTube goes along with it apparently.


    He has to be saying something interesting, right?

    I’ve watched this talk he gave online, rather enjoyed it, perhaps you will too.


    1. Usually when I see that something has been censored these days I think, “There must be something in this – otherwise, why don’t they want us to see it?” Really crazy stuff doesn’t get censored. And it shouldn’t. Nothing should be censored, unless it’s advocating violence or deliberate harm to others.

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