When your grandkids ask you how Britain became a police state, show them this video

Most people think that when the Berlin Wall fell down 30 years ago, the people in Eastern Europe finally won the freedoms that most of us in the “western world” take for granted.

Yet due to a pandemic that has taken around the same number of lives as a regular flu outbreak, people in the UK and other countries are seeing the rights and freedoms we take for granted unravel at an unprecedented rate.

Whatever we think about the severity of the coronavirus crisis, we should not allow it to usher in a police state – not a national one, nor a global one, from which there would be no Berlin Wall to escape over.

A campaigning group in the UK called Big Brother Watch recently released a report on the extent to which liberties have been taken – literally – in the UK over the past few weeks.

It’s telling that the mainstream media appears to have completely ignored this important report, which details the way our civil liberties are being trampled on in the UK due to misinterpretation by the police, and dismantled by new “emergency” legislation, which may not even have been necessary, as there was already legislation in place to deal with outbreaks of infectious diseases.

This is a fairly long video, but I think it’s something that needs to be put on record. I might split it into sections to highlight certain points later.

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