A chat with West of Scotland anti-lockdown political hopeful Jonathan Rainey

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Jonathan Rainey is campaigning on an anti-lockdown Libertarian platform in the May Scottish Parliament elections. The 27-year-old, a high-achiever with high-functioning autism, is standing for the Dumbarton constituency and also for the West of Scotland regional list.

Jonathan’s platform offers real change for the Scottish people at a time when the main political parties are almost indistinguishable in their policies. Our conversation covered many different topics, including lockdowns, vaccination, face masks, freedom of speech, war and foreign policy, central banks, Hayek, and even litter-picking.

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2 mins: MMR vaccine and high-functioning autism

2:43 From special needs school to Civil Engineering at College.

5:50 About the Scottish Libertarian Party

7:30 2008 Recession and being “red-pilled”

8:40 Scottish Independence

10:25 Introduced to the alternative media from guitar teacher

11:00 War in Syria

13:10 EU Referendum – from Remain to Leave

17:50 Racism in the 1970s and 80s

19:00 David Icke – Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster.

19:45 2016 US presidential election and Donald Trump

20:30 Ron Paul Liberty Report and the X22 Report, Paul Joseph Watson

21:00 Ukraine

22:10 EU Copyright Directive and freedom of speech

24:20 Protest against the Copyright Directive.

25:15 Free speech, the Left and Count Dankula

25:45 Joining Scottish Libertarians

26:15 Litter picking and community involvement

29:30 Taxation

30:00 Thoughts on anarcho-capitalism and minarchism – smaller government

31:30 Taxation and corruption

33:55 TV licence

35:45 Covid lockdowns, vaccines, face masks and human rights

43:07 Having Covid

49:05 Climate panic

49:55 Fukushima disaster

51:00 Environmental waste and disposable face masks

52:45 Free market

53:25 Ideas on economy, supply and demand

54:55 Central banks, monetarism and the gold standard

59:50 Capitalism, corporatism, crony-capitalism, free market, regulation, scarcity and abundance

1:03:50 Cannabis, hemp and regulation

1:06:00 Vaccines, bodily autonomy, free choice, free debate

1:07:50 World Health Organisation and the Global Vaccination Action Plan

1:10:00 alternative forms of energy

1:12:57 Hate Crime and Public Order of Scotland Act

1:13:00 Devolution and Scottish Independence

1:13:45 MSPs and the Pledge of Allegiance

1:15:35 Constitutional issues in an independent Scotland

1:17:10 Hate Crime Bill and government exploitation

1:19:20 Count Dankula

1:22:47 Police Scotland, Public Contact and Engagement Strategy document and surveillance state

1:27:50 The “hive mind” and NHS “clap for carers”

1:29:30 Illegal wars

1:31:05 Prevented from participating in virtual hustings.

1:37:10 Censorship of speech and debate, collectivist mentality, “hive mind”

1:38:50 The Road to Serfdom, by FA Hayek.

1:40:05 Regulation, central planning and the desire for a strong leader

1:43:10 Trump, critical race theory, social justice warriors

1:51:05 Three main priorities: freedom of speech, medical freedoms and ending the war on drugs.

1:52:20 Abolishing TV licence, ending lockdowns