Apparently this makes you a racist

An American woman living in Scotland made a video explaining why as a former Democrat, she now intends to vote for Trump.

The venom unleashed against her drove her to cancel her Twitter account.

One blogger unleashed a tirade of invective against Victoria Johnson’s video, describing her as a “racist” with “white supremacist leanings” and “thoroughly obnoxious opinions”. His post rants on at length on the issue, and he also lambasted her on Twitter.

But he didn’t have the guts to allow my critical, but polite comment to be published on his blog. So I’ll publish it here.

My (unpublished) comment on Jason Michael’s blog post

To call this lady a “racist” can only come from someone who has never experienced actual racism, though it doesn’t surprise me that this comes from someone who has a postgrad degree in the subject. As a black Scottish woman with black and white American relatives, I have experienced racism going back to the 1960s, and I know it is still a problem in the US, one that was showing signs of improvement but is now flaring up again, probably due to political power struggles. With that in mind, I wholeheartedly agree with everything this lady says – EXCEPT about voting for Trump.

However I am far from being offended by her voting choice. I simply think she is misguided, as I believe anyone who votes for one of the main political parties is misguided. If I was American, I would not vote for Trump or Biden. I think they are both wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I want nothing to do with the left/right political paradigm. I loathe the Republican and Democratic Parties equally, just as I loathe the Labour and Conservative Parties equally. I vote NONE in Westminster elections, and I generally vote for independents in Scottish Government elections, as the party political system is to my mind, totally corrupt. It is there to divide us, to divide and conquer, and it succeeds in this remarkably well.

I voted for Scottish Independence in 2014, but I have become completely disillusioned by the SNP. I am also very sceptical of what the BLM has become, and as a black person I am sick and yes, tired, of being used as a political football. I know that there are many black people who feel the same way as I do (but not all – whatever race and ethnicity academics say, black people all have different outlooks and different political views). I know of some black Americans who voted for Trump first time around because they were sick of race issues being swept under the carpet during Obama’s reign.

I have ancestors who were slaves just a few generations ago, but if anyone tried to “bend the knee” to me I would tell them to get up off their knees, get right away from the master/slave fixation, stop looking for leaders and instead recognise their own ability to take charge of their own life.