Want your old life back? Just roll up your sleeve…

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I am now convinced that the way this outbreak is being handled is a power grab, and I see the lockdowns as based on propaganda of the worst kind.

The campaign group Big Brother Watch doesn’t go that far, but it has just produced a very hard-hitting report, the Emergency Powers and Civil Liberties Report.

Its director Silke Carlo said:

“It’s not acceptable for the Government to treat the exit strategy like a state secret. That’s why we’re calling on the Government to publish its exit strategy, now.

“Our review reveals staggering incompetence in police use of draconian emergency powers. If we are complacent, the conditions of crisis could seed a surveillance state in the UK of a scale never seen before.”

We hear more reports every day of people being chastised for doing outdoor activities that don’t bring them into contact with other people. I think this is because a situation is being built up where none of us will be able to do the things we enjoy, UNLESS we have had the coronavirus vaccine.

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Big Brother Emergency Powers and Civil Liberties report (pdf):


Video censored by YouTube showing results of research that indicates that in the State of California you have a 0.03% chance of dying from Covid-19:


15,000 people fly in to the UK every day:

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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