By the pricking of my thumbs… the “second wave” approaches

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According to the UK government’s SAGE advisory committee, Britain could suffer 85,000 coronavirus deaths this winter in a – quotes – “reasonable worst case scenario”.
And yet Covid deaths in the UK have fallen to almost zero.

I’ve been concerned about the flu vaccine for months. Why do some people get very seriously ill from Covid-19, or even die from it, while many others barely notice they have it?

There seems to be some evidence that the flu vaccine could be triggering some sort of reaction with coronavirus to make the symptoms much more severe, via a syndrome known as “respiratory virus interference”.

This is of huge concern to me. I would like the UK government to hold back the rollout of the flu vaccine, pending urgent research into the effects of the flu vaccine on Covid-19.

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SAGE advisory committee says Britain could suffer 85,000 coronavirus deaths in a “reasonable worst case scenario” this winter:

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Image by JCK5D

A great power that we are probably overlooking

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Most of us are driven by productivity, feeling the need to fill every moment with activity. We’ve forgotten the value of spirituality, of simply giving our mind space to allow wisdom to come through.

We neglect the enormous power of love, and instead become bogged down in negative emotions like fear, anger and self loathing. These negative emotions are being turned against us, and in times of turbulence, they can pull us down into a maelstrom of despair.

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Neil Hannon, Divine Comedy’s version of Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Ivor Cummings link for edited UK Column show on the SAGE behavioural science group:

Original UK column March 11th episode:

Behavioural science paper on reducing SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the UK.

Anita Moorjani interviewed on Conscious TV

Anita Moorjani interviewed by Brian Rose on London Real

Derrick Broze talks to an emotionally upset counter protestor at at the Unmuzzmled rally in Houston

Derrick Broze talks to counter-protestors at the Houston Unmuzzled rally

Vernon Coleman “Just a little prick”

Vernon Coleman “It’s going to get worse”

The world is being given its orders – but who from?

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The theme of this podcast is quite dark. As writers and academics are being muzzled and dismissed for transgressions of free speech, the juggernaut of authoritarianism seems to be careering downhill, bringing us to a place that has increasingly chilling parallels with Nazi Germany.

A more optimistic podcast will follow, I promise! It’s important to recognise that there are some dark things going on. And only when we face that darkness can we start to overcome it.

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Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial has only a 50 percent chance of success

Cloth badges in German concentration camps

Wearing a mask should become as socially unacceptable as drink driving or not wearing a seat belt

Book: Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd. Published by Ernest and Thompson Limited. ISBN: 978-1-78396-381-2

Open letter on justice and open debate

David Starkey interviewed by Darren Grimes on Reasoned

Full text of David Starkey’s lengthy apology (YouTube with text of apology underneath)

Alaska State lawmaker apologises after comparing coronavirus safety measures with Jews being forced to wear yellow star badges during Holocaust

An electromagnetic storm is approaching

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5G, the latest generation of mobile phone technology, is being installed in many areas right now. But it’s more than just an upgrade to 4G. 5G uses higher-frequency electromagnetic waves than 3 or 4G, which require vastly more antenna, or “small cells” to ensure coverage. A European Parliament briefing paper estimated that there could be as many as 800 5G antenna per kilometre.

What effect will this have on human health? On animal and plant life? On the environment and even the climate? On property prices?

No one seems to know, and only a few people seem to care – among them, 388 scientists and medical doctors who have signed an appeal calling for a moratorium on this technology until the full effects on health and the environment have been fully investigated.

It’s time to wake up to the approaching storm of 5G.

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Scottish Parliament briefing on petition seeking a moratorium on 5G

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The 5G Appeal

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Lifewire on 5G cell towers

Vodafone burying antennas under manhole covers

When valid protests are hijacked

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Black Lives Matter united people all over the world in protest against the police murder of an unarmed man. Now, three weeks after that event, the protests have become a divisive issue and seem to be taking on a life of their own.

The protests are also a distraction from the issue which has removed civil rights and liberties from all of us in the UK and many people in other countries.

Black lives matter is a valid and important statement, but it is no contradiction of this to say that all lives matter, especially at a time like the present.

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Black trainee vicar rejected from post in Durham so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Slate: What’s really going on at Seattle’s autonomous zone?

Video on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that appears to be based on a spoof

Windows on the world: “The Puppet Masters of Occupy”

Dexamethasone will be given to NHS Covid patients

Fauci explains u-turn on face masks

Dr David L Katz suggestions on beating Covid-19

Bill Gates is WHO?

I have no idea whether Bill Gates is an evil genius or a flawed but well-meaning person. I’ve never met the guy.

I have no idea whether Bill Gates is part of the Illuminati or a shape-shifting reptilian, a power-crazed psychopath or just an exceptionally wealthy person who hasn’t realised how much power can corrupt.

What I do know is that Bill Gates’s enormous fortune is having a direct impact on my life, and potentially on my health and well-being.

Me and Bill Gates see things differently. Neither of us have medical qualifications, but Bill Gates believes that vaccines are the best way for everyone, including me, to beat Covid-19 and that everyone should be vaccinated against it.

I, on the other hand, believe that building up a healthy immune system is the best way for me to beat Covid-19 and I think it’s wrong to force or coerce people to be vaccinated against their will, even though I do sometimes have vaccines.

Bill Gates’s enormous financial fortune is allowing him to force his will directly on my life, to overpower my opinions – even though he doesn’t know me and has never met me – and potentially to influence what I put into my body, into my bloodstream.

This goes against everything that I have been brought up to believe in.

I was brought up to believe that Britain and the United States and other democratic countries had fought a great war to overcome the powers of fascism and tyranny.

After that great war, the United Nations was created to prevent future wars by bringing all the nations in the world around the table to talk, instead of fight.

The UN launched several specialised agencies in order to help it carry out its duties.

One of these agencies was the World Health Organisation, which was founded in 1948, with its stated aim as “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”.

The problem with the World Health Organisation, as I see it, is that it can be bought out by private interests – interests that could potentially profit from its policies.

The biggest donor to the World Health Organisation is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Until April 2020, the United States was the biggest donor, but when Donald Trump decided to withdraw funding, that left the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the biggest funder, of the World Health Organisation, followed by GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance, an organisation that was founded with finance from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The World Health Organisation has a very significant impact on governments all over the world, especially during a global pandemic.

YouTube has a policy of deleting videos whose message is not in accordance with World Health Organisation guidelines. And that policy has seen interviews with doctors and scientists who have solid credentials, being taken down from YouTube.

Most of those doctors and scientists would not get coverage in the mainstream press or broadcast media anyway. The Nobel prizewinning Professor Michael Levitt has not been banned from YouTube, but his thoughts on Covid-19 have had hardly any coverage in the mainstream press, presumably because they go against the World Health Organisation narrative.

Some of the pharmaceutical companies that are racing to find a vaccine for Covid-19, are also financial contributors to the World Health Organisation. If a vaccine is found, it will be paid for through our taxes, at a time when our economy is already reeling from the effects of lockdown.

So it seems to me that there are some serious conflicts of interest here, at the very least.

The UK government has repeatedly said that there will be no mandatory vaccination for Covid-19. However, there may be a lot of coercion, and for people like me, who choose not to have the vaccine, our lives might not therefore, return to normal. We might be prevented access to places of work, leisure facilities, public transport, and even health and dentistry services.

Coercing people to accept a vaccine, who are healthy and who would prefer to take the risk of getting ill with Covid-19, rather than risk taking a questionably tested vaccine that will yield enormous profits to those who are using their financial influence to bring it about, is forcing people into a position of rebellion.

Many of us suspect that we may have to fight for our right to return to a normal life.

There is a good reason why Bill Gates is the figurehead in this struggle. He is the person who is wielding the biggest amount of influence in this unjust situation.

There are very good reasons why a democratic system has evolved in most of the world’s developed countries; why we no longer allow ourselves to be ruled by monarchs or dictators, or the wealthiest people.

It’s because humans are fallible. People who think they are doing the best they can are often making huge mistakes.

The European missionaries who took Christianity to the South Pacific in the 19th century and taught the islanders not to dance, thought that they were saving their souls.

The authorities in Australia who performed “forced adoptions”, removing babies from unmarried mothers against their will, thought they were doing the best they could for the children.

And Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did so-called medical experiments on unknown numbers of Jewish children in concentration camps, which caused many of them to endure terrible suffering, often resulting in death, was never captured after the war. At the end of his life he told his son that he had never harmed anyone and had only carried out his duties as an officer.

Mengele genuinely believed that the Jewish people were inferior, and that therefore he was doing good in working to exterminate them, and while doing so, conducting research that would benefit the people that he thought were more valuable.

There are still people who think that way today! What if those people became enormously wealthy, so wealthy that they were able to buy influence over our governments and institutions?

It doesn’t bear thinking about. We need to stop arguing about left and right and black and white. And instead we should focus on cleaning corruption and financial influence out of our governments and institutions.

If it isn’t already too late.


WHO advised UK against herd immunity plan

YouTube deletes videos that contradict WHO on Covid

WHO advises wearing masks in public

Keep Britain Free website


Bill Gates with Skype eyes (changed to $s)
By Surian Soosay

Bill Gates looking smug
By Sebastian Derungs

Bill Gates in armchair

by Comfreak

Reptilian eye
By Evren Ozdemir

Piggy banks
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Vaccine the globe
By Caniceus

Fruit salad

Drinking water
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WHO committee on malaria, 1947
By Wellcome Images


Pills dropping

By Edmond Dantes

Ghengis Khan statue
By Francisco Anzola

“Nobody is perfect”
By Alexas Fotos


Auschwitz children

Anti-semitism photo
By Beny Shlevich

Hollywood protestors arguing
By Videvo

Pick a side, then panic and riot. Why? Because Auntie is telling you to!

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Whether it’s panic or anger, the mainstream media is great at triggering strong emotions. But where is all this panic and anger taking us? Maybe it’s time we started to think for ourselves instead.

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If by Rudyard Kipling, read by Jordan Harling

Obama tweet about Floyd murder

Bush tweet about Floyd murder

Newsweek: Inside the military’s top secret plans if coronavirus cripples the government

OECD warns that global economy will contract by six percent

High street businesses closures and job losses

NHS waiting list could reach 10 million

Who profits from a pandemic?

If you’d prefer to read this episode, you can find a full transcript here.

The World Health Organisation’s biggest donors are private entities, and much of its funding comes from pharmaceutical interests. This surely presents an enormous conflict of interest for a body that has so much influence over global health policies, especially during a pandemic.

This could also be a reason why some important natural treatments are being overlooked or even suppressed.

Sweden’s no-lockdown policy has come in for a lot of criticism this week, as its death rates are significantly higher than those of its neighbours. But with most of its fatalities being in Stockholm, where most of the country’s non-European immigrants live, and with this group being particularly badly affected by the disease, could vitamin D deficiency be the real reason for the relatively high number of fatalities?


Guardian on Iran

My video about neighbouring countries having very different experiences with Covid-19

Wired: “Sweden’s coronavirus experiment has well and truly failed”

Finland’s coronavirus policy

BBC – YouTube bans info that directly contradicts WHO advice

Guardian: UK refuses to participate in WHO solidarity call to action

WHO solidarity call to action – making the response to Covid-19 a public common good

Foreign Policy: “The Hidden Flaw in Sweden’s Anti-Lockdown Strategy”

My video: Are Black People Really More Likely To Die from Covid-19?

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Why Covid-19 is no “great plague”

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We are being imprisoned by fear of a disease that is disappearing so fast, scientists are saying there might not be enough infected people for vaccine trials.

The mainstream media has been behaving as if Covid-19 is like the “great plagues” of the past. It’s not. There are reasons why those horrific plagues of bygone centuries no longer ravage populations in developed countries.

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Coronavirus may vanish too fast for vaccine trial

Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial has only a 50 percent chance of success
Rapid mortality transition of Pacific Islands in the 19th century
The Four Yorkshiremen sketch from “At last the 1948 show” with John Cleese, Marty Feldman, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman and Barry Cryer.
NHS won’t be able to provide non-emergency care until the government’s track and trace system is up and running

Main image by fernandozhiminaicela

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