Klaus Schwab, the EU and the Holy Roman Empire

A few weeks ago, Bristol-based independent journalist Tony Gosling included an excerpt from one of my podcast episodes, “What Rough Beasts are These?”, on his weekly broadcast, The Politics Show.

Tony asked me to delve further into the background of Klaus Schwab, and I discussed another podcast where research was presented about the Schwab family. I also presented some research into the foundations of the EU, which seems to dovetail with the background to Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Both institutes have quite a surprising interest in power and royal lineages.

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Link to download whole show:

Previous Imagining Freedom podcast about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum:

What rough beasts are these?

“Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich” – Forbidden Knowledge podcast with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel:

Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich

Interesting “Schwab Family Values” post by Johnny Vedmore:

Schwab Family Values